End of Year To-Do List

The end of the year can be a busy time but it is also the perfect time to reflect and reassess –
Here are 9 Things To Do For Yourself And Your Business between now and Christmas.

1. Check In on Your Clients

This is a perfect time to phone clients. Are they happy, what are their plans for next year? You can even do a quick survey (Survey Monkey is great for this and it is free www.surveymonkey.com). Keep it simple and if you do a survey, make sure that it gives you concrete feedback that you can act on.

2. Check In on Your Staff

  • Are they ok?
  • What have they learned or improved on in their role this year?
  • What are their goals and plans next year?

Be genuine, show interest.
Keep in mind that this time of the year is often when people reassess what they want from life and from their career. We recently spoke to someone who is planning on leaving a full time job in January to travel the world for a year. At that point she had not told her boss yet because she thought he wouldn’t care!

3. Review Your Successes of the previous year

  • What worked well for you and your business this year?
  • Identify what you did differently this year that may have improved your life and your business.
  • Have you set plans in place to repeat those things next year or make some adjustments?

4. Review Your Mistakes of 2012 and Learn From Them

Flip through this year’s diary and reflect on what you could have done differently.

  • Did you spend too much time in meetings? Could you have sent a team member instead of attending yourself?
  • Did you fail to schedule time for planning and reflection?
  • Did you fall victim to deadlines? Look now for ways to even out the workload. This may mean delegating more to others.
  • Did you let the year pass without taking time off for yourself? Put your important holidays in your calendar now, and then work around them.

5. Say Thank You (only if you mean it!)

Say thanks to your clients, to your staff, to your suppliers. If you don’t have time to send cards or emails, pick up the phone. Say thanks for their hard work or for a good year, and let people know that you are looking forward to working with them next year. Particularly if you are the boss and you make the effort, it makes a great impression.

6. Consider Outsourcing What You Do Not Have Time To Do Yourself Well

No-one can be an expert at everything. Consider whether you have spent too much time and energy on this year trying to do things that others can do better. Pick one thing you could pass on to an expert for next year. You will save money in the long run, as well as a lot of grey hairs.

7. Plan for Next Year Now

Get a list started now, before the Christmas Break. Set goals; make a vision board for next year. If you have some quiet time at the start of the year, use it to get some new strategies in place and begin the year the way YOU want to.

8. Plan For the Support You Will Need Next Year

Consider setting up a working group of colleagues, set action plans and work with them to keep yourself on track and accountable for the plans you have made for the year to come. Consider whether you need a business coach or business mentor. Find these people in your network to help support you and to assist you in achieving your goals.

9. Plan time for YOURSELF with your new diary

You are the most important person in your life. Book in some important personal dates into your your new diary. These are the things you need to do to keep yourself healthy and sane. Plan some time with your loved ones, some massages, sport, gym, weekends away etc… BOOK this time in advance and record this in your diary as you do everything work related. DO IT NOW before your diary gets filled up with work requirements and you find yourself at the end of the year wondering why you have no time for yourself.