Is It Time To Make A Change?

Making the decision to leave a job can be one of the most difficult decisions that you make during your working life. It could be that you have spent many years within one business and you have become attached to it and have become a fully integrated part of the business. You will have established routines, daily rituals and you will most likely have built up many important business connections and made many friends and acquaintances in the business.

Is It Time To Make A Change?

Despite all these important ‘pull factors’ that are keeping you in the business, the reality is that if you are a career minded person you will need to leave this job at some point. There is no such thing as a job for life these days. In fact, a study from the OCED suggests that Australian employees are among the most mobile in the world, spending an average of 2 years in a job. Another study from the CIPD shows that it takes an average of five career steps over a 20 year period to get to the top of a profession – and these career steps will most likely be with different employers.

Establish or consult your career plan before you decide to change jobs

So, the reality is that you will need to change jobs to progress your career and you should embrace the idea of job change and see each job as an important step of your career progression plan.To fully embrace the idea of job change, you need to take control and, whether you are just starting out or mid-career, the first place to start is by establishing your career aims, that is, what do you want to be doing in five, 10 and fifteen years time? Perhaps a team leader, then a manager and then Director? Visit a careers site for your profession or talk to your recruiter in order to research career paths.

Having set your careers goals, you need to establish what skills, experience and certifications you need to acquire in order to meet these career aims. This is your career plan. And now you should try and take on jobs which enable you to develop the skills and experience to meet your career aims.

How do I know when to change jobs?

Having developed a formal career plan, you can take an informed decision about whether it is the right time to leave jobs. For example, have you achieved all your career objectives with your current job yet? Are there any further personal or career development opportunities for you within the business? If you haven’t met your objectives, but there is still scope to learn and progress, then that may be a reason to stay, but if you find that you have met your objectives and there is no further scope to progress and you are now falling behind your career plan, then it may be time to leave in order to find a job which can help you reach your career aims.Of course, this is a purely career based approach for deciding whether to stay or go and we realize that in reality that the decision to go or stay may be more complicated and can include a multitude of reasons such as: poor manager relationship, lack of pay, poor company culture etc…

So, while we don’t think that a career based approach should be the only factor that determines whether you stay or go in a business, it should be one of the most important ways as it is a long term decision making process that may prove more beneficial to you than decisions based on the immediate short term stresses and strains of working life.