How to Handle an Offer Made Face To Face at the Interview

At the end of a well executed job search and interview campaign, some lucky candidates may find themselves in receipt of a very flattering face to face job offer. While this is of course a great moment, signifying you are a great candidate, it can be an awkward situation as you are forced to make a tough decision in a short space of time. In this article we show you how to handle this situation both effectively and professionally.

How to Handle an Offer Made Face To Face at the Interview

Lets be clear, receiving an employment offer from any employer is a great event which signals that you have carried out an exemplary job search and interview campaign – and it deserves to be celebrated. That is not to say that the offer process is not awkward. It can be, especially if you have impressed the employer so much that you receive a very flattering face to face offer of employment during the interview. This is still great news, but it can be a little overwhelming as you are forced to make what could be a very important decision in a short space of time.

So, how should you handle it?

The first thing to remember is that this is great news! But, what you should also remember is that the decision to accept a new job and package is an important decision and are you entitled to have some thinking time to discuss this over with your family and/or trusted friend. The only question is, how much time? For example, 1 week could be too long and a few hours could be too short as it would be rushed.

Taking all this into account the first thing you should do is thank the employer for the offer and express gratitude. If the offer was made verbally, then you have a perfect stalling opportunity, as you should then ask them if you can have a full written offer in writing before you make your decision. This will make you appear thorough and sensible. If they hand you a written offer, ask if you can have a few moments (possibly alone) to read and digest the offer.
After having digested the offer, you can then ask any clarifying questions concerning the offer, e.g. do you become eligible for benefits from day 1, etc… The most important two questions you should ask are:

1. Could I have some time to make a decision as I would like to fully consider the offer and discuss it with my partner/confidante?

    If they ask you how long, then make sure you have enough time to talk to your employment agent and partner, so we would say anything from 24 to 72 hours, based on the complexity of the decision.

2. If I have any questions about the offer who should I address them too? Should I call or email you?

    This question helps to show that you are not just stalling for time but that you want to engage constructively and cooperatively in the offer negotiation process for what is an important life decision.

Before you leave, make sure to thank them again for extending you the offer.
After you have left the offer meeting, you should contact your recruiter and discuss the offer with them and let them give you advice and they may be able to handle the employer negotiation for you too, which is an added bonus.