New Year Resolutions

According to research, on  e of the top 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions people make is job-related.

New Year Resolutions

Here are 8 Key Steps to Take Control of Your Career in the New Year.

1. Build Your Professional Network

Be ahead of the curve – complete the latest training and continuously be updating your industry expertise. Attend social events and seminars that will give you the opportunity to network with people within your industry.

2. Identify A Mentor / Become A Mentor

Having a mentor is a key part to your personal and professional development.
Mentoring someone will strength your coaching and leadership skills, as well as provide you with a fresh perspective on your own performance.
Research has shown that mentoring can bring many advantages such as: enhanced promotion prospects, higher pay, a wider and power professional network, and can increase your learning

3. Set Realistic Career Goals

Identify what you want to accomplish professional in 2013 and write them down in order of priority. Make sure each goal is specific and attainable.

4. Explore Career Options

As the year winds down, reflect on your job by asking yourself – are you where you want to be? Does your current position utilise your professional abilities and talents? Do you feel challenged and motivated at work?

5. Get Organised

Take time during the holidays to get yourself organised! Whether it is at home or at work, start the new year in a good position.

6. Review Your Successes and Learn From Your Mistakes

  • What worked well for you in 2012?
  • What could you have done differently in 2012?
  • Establish a plan of action for 2013

7. Follow Through and Take Action

Taking control of your career will not happen unless you follow through. Pursue your goals, don’t be afraid to ask for help when necessary and never give up.

8. Work Hard. Play Hard.

Have fun! Approach each day with a positive attitude and it will reflect in your work.

Remember – You are the most important person in your life. Plan some time with your loved ones, some massages, sport, gym, weekends away etc… BOOK this time in advance. DO IT NOW before your diary gets filled up with work requirements and you find yourself at the end of 2013 wondering why you have no time for yourself.