The Ambiguous Tax Accountant

Having specialised in the Accounting Space for over a decade we have noticed that there is a lot of confusion based around what a Tax Accountant does in Australia. This is an ambiguous job title that people use in different ways and it can create confusion for job seekers.

Let us give you some clarity on the types of jobs that someone with the Job Title of Tax Accountant could do. We have outlined examples below of roles where the term Tax Accountant is used as a Job Title..

Tax Accountant –

      is often used by H&R block to describe their accountants who process Individual Tax Returns and small business tax returns. Usually these returns are quite simple (in the scheme of Australian tax compliance ) and can offer an “on the spot” type of service.

Tax Accountant –

      is used by Accounting firms to describe the same role performed by Business Services Accountants

Tax Accountant -

      is used by larger accounting firms to describe the work of a Tax specialist or even tax consultants This may involve international tax, pricing transfers GST even FBT but the Accountants usually specialises in one field only.

Tax Accountant –

    is sometimes used by larger corporate businesses that require the expertise of an internal Tax Specialist

As you can see, the functions of these roles are very different. Yet they all have the same job title.
Our advice – make sure you know the functions and responsibilities associated with any job. It is important to make sure that you are applying for the right roles for your experience level and skills.