What You Write In Your Resume Reflects Your Personality and Your Attitude

There is, without doubt, an art to writing a good CV.

A CV that opens doors is not just about writing information about what jobs you have had and what your qualifications are. Writing a powerful resume is about making an impact on the employer and communicating who YOU are and getting across what YOU can offer to your next employer.

What You Write In Your Resume Reflects Your Personality and Your Attitude

Qualifications, past experience and company history are, of course, still important and relevant but how you describe your skills, your goals and your expectations will also play a part in determining whether you get interviewed or overlooked. Your attitude is crucial to your job-hunting success and is reflected by the words you chose to use in your CV.

Employers are not looking for a ‘perfect’ candidate because there is no such thing. Whilst you can never have all the information about what a particular employer is looking for in a candidate, the advert may offer some clues that should not be ignored. In any case writing your CV is writing about YOURSELF and it will help if you spend some time identifying what your personal qualities are and what is a short, simple and positive way to communicate what you, as a candidate can offer to a particular role and employer.

One thing you can be sure of is that employers are always looking for candidates who will add value to the company and not one who brings baggage and problems with them.

The mistake that many candidates make is to use vague statements about themselves in their resumes, like: “I am a team player” or ”I am a fast learner”. The only thing this achieves is it makes your cv look like hundreds of others and it does not make an impact.

The secret is to identify clearly and honestly for yourself what stage you are at, what your goals are (are they realistic?), what qualities YOU as a person, have to offer (this needs to reflect the truth !) and how you can get that information on your CV in a simple and direct way.
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